When we moved into our home 7 years ago, we immediately loved it, but also saw the changes we wanted to make to have it be “ours”. We started our first smaller project 4 years ago with Davis Renovations, to relocate and replace our front door, and re-do our front porch, including stacked stone and beautiful iron rails. It turned out so beautifully and Chip and his crew were so great to work with, we knew that in the future, Chip would be with whom we would work again.

Fast forward to present day and we were ready to move forward with the biggie we had been dreaming about since the day we moved in. We wanted to update the main living area of our home, removing load-bearing walls and consolidating 4 rooms into one main living space: kitchen, living room, dining room and entry. We knew Chip was the only person we could trust with such a scary endeavor!

From beginning to end, Chip and his team of professionals helped us make what we had in our minds a reality. He listened and understood exactly what we wanted, explained what we didn’t understand (which was a lot!), answered all our questions (which were many) and gave excellent recommendations on how to give us what we wanted. His wife Cathy, who in an interior designer, even helped give us different layout options of how we could make it all happen. Every single person who came to do work at our home was top notch: carpenters, hardwood floor, electricians, plumber, granite installation, etc. Truly, Chip uses no less than the best. Every day, I knew who was coming to my house, what time they would be there, and what they would be completing that day. I knew every step along the way, what was happening, when and why. We never had a lapse of time where work wasn’t happening (I have heard horror stories of other friends going weeks on end in mid-renovation with no work).

Our home has simply turned out beautifully. Better than we even could have imagined. Chip’s attention to details is remarkable and it shows in his work. What should have been such a painful process really was quite easy. Chip helped us move our refrigerator out to the garage and we set up a makeshift kitchen and we made-do until our kitchen was functional again. We ate out a lot, but we survived (and helped out the local economy!).
At the end of all of this, I can truly see why the right choice of contractor is so paramount if you are considering any remodeling: there are so many moving parts and you MUST have the right person you can trust to help you navigate such an extremely complex process. I can recommend Davis Renovation with NO hesitation and personally will only use them on any project we complete in the future, as I know the job is always going to be done in the best way possible.  

We highly recommend Davis Renovations of Raleigh for any house projects you may have in mind. We have lived in our Stonehenge home since it was built in 1980. Over the years we have done some improvements to make it fit our changing lives. Now, with the kids gone it seemed like a good time to move to a newer/smaller house, or improve on what we have so we could stay in Stonehenge.

We spent a lot of time researching home improvement companies in the area, and viewing their work. We got several bids on our projects, but could never settle on one company until we met Chip Davis of Davis Renovations. We were impressed with his dedication and interest in Stonehenge as a community, with the work he has done on a variety of projects, and with the positive recommendations of our neighbors.
He gave us a bid on our Master Bathroom renovation which was very reasonable, and the work started soon thereafter. A few structural surprises were discovered and he addressed them with solutions that altered the original design, but in the end were exactly what the bathroom needed. Next we tackled the Kitchen. Again, the price was fair, the workmanship excellent, and we ended up with a fabulous kitchen. And since the kitchen is open to the Family Room, we kept on going, adding a window for much needed light and views to the backyard and new double doors to the deck. The fireplace was redesigned and turned out beautifully. New paint and refinished hardwood floors were the finishing touches.

Chip is meticulous and takes pride in the work. This is reflected in the people he hires for each of the trades. Every one of his subcontractors were top notch, arriving exactly when they were expected, doing great work, communicating with us as needed, and leaving a clean jobsite every day. Chip was always available to answer questions or to explain the next steps. We were never left wondering what came next or when.

High quality renovations, carefully executed, are key to maintaining your home’s value and protecting your investment. Davis Renovations will do the job right at a fair and reasonable price, finish in a timely manner and you will be happy with the results.


When customers give a reference regarding contracting work that has been done on their home, they will usually address the quality of workmanship, timeliness of completed work, ease of contractor engagement, etc.  In this case, this is way too simplified and general for describing our experience.  Quite a bit of elaboration is necessary to help you understand the scope, breadth and quality of the work done for us and our immense satisfaction.

My husband and I had decided at the beginning of 2017 that we wanted to make renovations to our circa 1987 home.  It first started out as a remodel of our kitchen, which our friends lovingly referred to as ‘retro’.  However, in our usual mode of operation, it quickly grew into other wants and wishes as we had done little to no work on the interior of the house since we had it built.  As our ideas took on new shape and scope, it became a whole house renovation.  We happened to bring this up in a conversation with a friend who recommended Chip Davis, owner of Davis Renovations.  He mentioned that all of the work that Chip did was through referrals only, and in some cases, at neighbors’ residences.  He had seen some of the work that Chip had done and was very impressed. This spoke volumes to us as what better testimony for a contractor than to have his neighbors as some of his best clients!  We decided to take the first plunge and contact Chip.

Our initial meeting was to walk through the house with Chip, giving our high-level thoughts on what we wanted done.  Chip was quick to offer suggestions and gave us great direction on what we should consider.  He was also very realistic on what some of our ideas would mean in the way of expense or esthetic value, and whether it would be worth it.  As we talked with him our imaginations grew, and we then envisioned what our home could really become.  Chip delivered a detailed estimate to us giving both parties room for changes as the work progressed.  As Chip explained, once you get into a project, a customer can change their mind quite often and while this document was detailed, in my opinion, it became clear that it left things open for change as needed.  We also engaged with Chip’s wife, Cathy, who is an interior designer.  She helped out with some of the design elements in the house and her expertise was very helpful in bringing thoughts together on paper with a more detailed plan.

>Chip forecast that the project would take approximately 16 weeks, which it did.  Note that every room and surface in a 2300 sq. ft. house was redone!  Through all of this, my husband and I continued to live in the house.  Chip put it this way – he rebuilt the house around us!  The work included ‘gutting’ two bathrooms, major renovations to our kitchen & living room, and cabinetry in two offices & laundry room.  Most of our household belongings were shipped out to storage and we lived with a minimal amount of furniture.

I will have to say that forward planning on the homeowner’s part is crucial. In our early discussions with Chip, he gave us a list of suggested vendors to use and I quickly engaged with them.  By the time we signed the contract, we had tile, granite, plumbing fixtures, paint colors, etc., for the most part picked out.  This made for a much more fluid project as we weren’t scrambling to get things lined up when the work was close at hand.

First and foremost, I would have to say that Davis Renovations certainly lived up to their reputation as a quality focused renovation and remodeling contractor!   Chip was once described to us as a stickler for doing things right and that’s an understatement.  His attention to detail and the work done by his sub-contractors was exemplary.  As to the sub-contractors, I’ve never seen a more dedicated group of ‘artists’ than these folks.  The painters, electricians, plumber, tiler, carpenter and cabinet maker are all masters of their professions and pay close attention to detail and craftsmanship.   They are all extremely proud of their work and envisioned our home as their palette.   When they would come back to work on additional projects, they would always want to see the ‘finished’ rooms and how their efforts fit into the completed work.  It became apparent that Chip has high expectations for all those involved (including that of his homeowners :).  This is really a team effort and everybody has to work hard to make it happen!

If you wish to consider to a very high quality, reliable and committed contractor, and are willing to become a partner in your home renovation, you can do no better than signing up with Chip Davis and Davis Renovations and the excellent team of professionals associated with his company!